Energy insurances in Iraq for the Oil and Gas Industry

At Iraqi German Brokers, we pride ourselves on being a premier german  insurance firm that caters to a diverse range of clients in the energy sector, including both onshore and offshore oil and gas industries. With a profound understanding of the unique risks and challenges faced by our specialist clients, we offer individually designed insurance services to meet their specific needs. Our comprehensive energy insurance solutions include:


Onshore Property, Including Equipment Coverage:

  • For onshore oil and gas operations, protecting property and equipment is vital. Our onshore property insurance provides coverage against physical damage to facilities, equipment, and infrastructure, ensuring your operations remain secure and uninterrupted.


Offshore Property, Including Rig Physical Damage:

  • Operating in offshore environments poses exceptional risks. Our offshore property insurance safeguards your assets, including rigs and other installations, against perils such as storms, collisions, and other offshore-related hazards.


Property Investors Coverage:

  • Investing in the energy sector requires adequate protection. Our property investors coverage offers financial security for investors, shielding them from potential property damage, loss of rental income, and liability claims.


Offshore Construction:

  • During offshore construction projects, unforeseen events can lead to costly delays and financial losses. Our offshore construction insurance provides comprehensive coverage for projects, protecting against property damage and construction-related risks.


Business Interruption/Loss of Production Income:

  • Energy companies rely on continuous operations. Our business interruption insurance ensures financial support during periods of business disruption, helping you recover lost income and maintain financial stability.


General Liability:

  • Operating in the energy sector involves various third-party liabilities. Our general liability insurance covers bodily injury, property damage, and other liability claims, safeguarding your business against legal and financial consequences.


Hull and Machinery:

  • Vessels and machinery are essential assets in the oil and gas industry. Our hull and machinery insurance offers protection against damage, breakdowns, and other related risks, ensuring smooth operations at sea.


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